Chat Studio Rules

1. All users must be over the age of 18. This is an adult site with adult themes, and minors will not be tolerated. If someone is discovered or suspected to be under the age of 18, they will be banned until they can provide adequate proof of their age.

2. Please respect the rules of each room. Each has it's own set of rules, but site rules still apply.

3. No stalking, harassing, or disturbing the peace of a roleplay room or it's members.

4. No crossing IC and OOC. You are you, and your character is your character. If you are Gorean and live the lifestyle, please remember there are roleplayers that do not, and that must be respected and vice-versa.

5. The playing of characters, and avatars containing persons under the age of 18 are STRICTLY forbidden.

6. Room Owners have COMPLETE control of Their Rooms and boots. Booting is at Room Owners discression. If You find You have been booted, unless it was a mistake, please find another room to play in. However no RC will abuse their boots.

7. No transmitting of hostile java applications, flooding a room, or other disruptive activities are permitted.

8. Avatars must be of a REASONABLE SIZE. Please keep them under 1000 wide x 800 high.

9. No displaying of illegal or unsavory acts such as beastiality, hard core porn, suicide pictures, etc.

10. The advertising of other Chat Sites is strictly FORBIDDEN. If you wish to advertise with Chatstudio, or post about an event going on on another chat site, please e-mail the Owner at:

11. As a chatsite dedicated to its members but also to the protection of its staff as any good business is. We reserve the right to remove harmful chatters/rooms for harassment of staff or other members or breaking of site rules. If the person is a member, their membership is forfeit.

12. If your membership exceeds the life of the site, then it IS to the life of the site, however, we will strive to move rooms to one of our other sites if possible.