Chat Studio New Room Guidelines

It is a dream of most chatters to run their own room, however, sometimes even with the best of intentions a room just isn't ready to be opened. Below are some items to be considered before purchasing a room package.

1. Will the room generate traffic? We understand that many people can not financially afford to become a member of a chat site, however, empty rooms deter traffic and ultimately hurt us all. We ask that you take this into consideration when thinking about opening a room.

2. Is your idea unique? Competition between rooms is never a bad thing, but instead of hostility between RC's and/or chatters, we would prefer to see a room and theme grow. Many of the members of Chatstudio roleplay in several rooms on site. We are a friendly bunch, and enjoy roleplay.

3. Do you have everything set up prior to opening? The Site Staff can assist possible new room controllers with tips on where to set up Forums, Front Page entrys, and Pulldowns, so that the grand opening of their chatroom is indeed: Grand.

4. Has the Moderator been decided for the room? The Room Controller may not necessarily be the Moderator. The Moderator should be level-headed and be able to handle any situation or type of person who decides to enter the room. RC's and Moderators will recieve backup from Site Moderators upon request or if circumstances escalate to where Site Admin must intervene.

5. Questions questions questions! Chatstudio Staff members are readily available via MSN,E-MAIL or Our Message Board to ask questions of while considering the process of moving a new room to this site. We want your roleplaying experience to be the best it can be, and for your room to flourish. The Staff will do the best it can to facilitate a warm roleplay environment.

6.What to do When Your ready to Open Your room. Please Post Your room proposal to Our Message board. You will find the section easily the form to fill out is waiting for You. Our Staff, Admin and Realm Controller for the Realm You wish to be part of, will look over Your application quickly and suggest any chances We think You might need or give You the big thumbs up. Please do not pay for a room until Your Room has been approved.

With that said. On behalf of the entire Staff. Welcome to Chat Studio and we look forward to chatting with you.