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Open Waters of Gor

Site Rules


Note: this room is monitored by site staff. All problems must be referred to them.

Thank you

Open Waters of Gor is a full Kill/Capture/Force Collar/Mirror Zone room.

This room represents travel on any waters in Gor, be they in the North, South, East or West. Be they rivers or the Sea.

Important Room Rules

  • All roleplay must be realistic and appropriate.
  • By entering this room, you indicate your agreement to abide by all rules on this page and all rules linked to this page. If in doubt, contact the Realm Moderator: Malice
  • Pulldowns are required for your roleplays to be valid - HOWEVER - the accidential ommission and subsequent adjustment will NOT void a roleplay.
  • Unowned slaves however are fair game to capture/collaring or even death at ALL times, if an unowned slave is in this room, it is more than likely they are a stowaway aboard a ship of Gor.
  • WARNING: Site staff does not police roleplay. Breaking site rules in this room will get you booted - you will have one warning.

Combat Rules

Rules specific to open waters combat will be forthcoming...

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