Los Angeles, California: A massive Metropolis of Corruption, back-door politics, and a wide array of different people all living in Hell. Although this hell has many layers, some more deadly than others. Business is corrupt and cut throat, no matter what the level is. Within the City there is just 'something' about it that is darker - more dangerous - than anywhere else in the World.

Arriving at the luxurious L.A.X, you step outside and into the bustle of busy individuals, all fighting and striving to become more than those they compete with. Although it is night time, it does not give anyone a break from the bustle of this City. Half serious jokes made around you about L.A being the Gateway to Hell. Could this be true?....

Welcome to Crimson Equinox, where regular everyday Mortals are unaware of the Immortals that roam amongst them hidden in plain sight. Where Humans are Puppet's, Food and sometimes considered Friend.

Rules for Role Play:

1 - This is a Dark Free Form room. (V:tM, LKH, FF).
2 - Keeping OOC and IC separate is expected here. Once Rp begins OOC is to be kept to an absolute minimum.
3 - Advanced Role Play Zone: Players are expected to put effort into their posts. 60 words or more per post, anything less will be considered Out of Character and will be ignored In Character..
4 - Rp Deaths/Death Spars: This room is a Members Kill Zone. This is in place to protect the hard earned Characters here. If you are given Crimson Equinox tags, it does not give you the right to needlessly slaughter hard earned characters. See Rule #9,10,11 & 12 for further information.
5 - Unresponsive/Anonymous names (names that you did not register with), will be removed without warning. This is the warning....
6 - Av Specs: Largest we allow is 1000 width by 600 height. We do not accept porn imagery, please keep it classy.
7 - Take the XXX Rp to Privately Whispers. That style of Rp is not our focus.
8 - All Character's Bio's & Ability's must be cleared by Omen or Mourningstar. No Exceptions.
9 - No God Modded Characters are welcomed here, neither are 1 post kills, unrealistic role play, or City Wide Destruction because you're "bored".
10 - Racist, Bigoted, Prejudiced, and what is perceived as nasty comments can land you outside of this room. We will not tolerate ANY person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
11 - To sum up our Rules: Please do not come to this room, with the thought that you are Goddesses gift to Role Play. This includes but is not limited to Omnipotent abilitys, over-sexualized Rp style(this is not your personal romance novel), a Role Play Elitist attitude, and an overall nasty disposition. There is a huge difference between a brand new char who is completely Omnipotent, and strong Characters that have been built through Rp, with realistic ability levels (some here, since 1994). So if you only rp to be powerful, Over sexualized, and Omnipotent just stay out. We aren't here to be at the expense of your fucking power trips.
12 - Within this room, you will be treated exactly how you treat the rest of the players. If you enter here and treat everyone well, you will in turn be treated well. If you enter here and are passive agressive with an elitist attitude, you will be removed. We wish to keep this enviroment a fun place to be, not your personal stomping grounds. Thank you. =)

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