Greetings, Ye, to the times of Queens and Peasants, Knights and Kings, Wizards and Elves.
Thou hast entered the time of long ago when life seemed so easy, yet twas a facade.

It was a time when hardships walked side by side with the beauty of the lands, where plagues ran beneath
the vibrant green hillsides, where dark Lords rule Darken Woods while a Queen cared for the lands of
Camelot. Aye, the world dids't seem to be easy, but beneath that masquerade there were many wars raging, many
peasants who tried to survive the starvations and diseases which were at times brought on by those who
tried to oppress their forward progress.

But within the walls of the stately castle of
Camelot there was a Queen who was
just coming into her time; learning and growing within her loyalty to the lands. Chosen by the great sword
Excalibur to lead the people to victory over the evil which threatened the lands. But many were waiting to
stop her and the lands she was sworn to protect.

Those who stood by her had faith in the Queen, but the question was..did she have faith in herself? Tis
Camelot will learn, and what they will grow as one land to discover.
Many together, uniting as one to overcome those who are trying to stop them.

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