Northern Nights


1. All Chat Studio site rules still apply.

2. Show other players the same respect you would like to be given. If you have a problem with someone in the room, please do your best to confront them directly, and not start drama here. We wish our room to be a welcoming and accepting place for players of all genders, orientations, and ability levels.

3. Clean slate policy. You will not be judged based on old characters or past dealings when you come into our room. (Exception to this is rule 4)

4. There are banned people from our room that will be booted on sight: See if you're featured!

5. God moding and over powered characters will not be tolerated here. Please be prepared to post at least a basic character sheet, with a reasonable explanation of what your characters powers are, and how they could have reasonably obtained them. You will be given a reasonable amount of time in which to do so, but may not use your powers until your sheet is posted and your powers are approved by an admin.

6. Adult situations do happen here. We do not have a strict policy that they must be kept to pm’s. If you are offended by these, then we either suggest you a) politely ask if that particular couple may move to pm, though they are under no obligation to, b) ignore them in your configuration until they are finished, or c) Politely leave and return at a later time. Consent is the law of the land even in roleplay, players may always decline and/or curtain scenes that make them uncomfortable at any time.

7. This is a freeform room. That means it is not an exact science or a verbatim representation of any one particular book series or other media. Book thumpers need not bother to come in. We draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, not only one.

8. This room is a KILL ZONE. Your IC actions will have consequences. That said, only kills by room members with approved sheets will be recognized here. One post kills will not be recognized and are null and void here. The killing of any NPC will not be allowed without the expressed consent of the creator of said character.

9. Avatars should remain somewhat modest and not contain explicit nudity or pornographic images. All players will choose a recognizable human model to represent their individual characters. Only models and characters that are over the age of 18 will be accepted. Please see our forum to see which models are already reserved when making your selection. Your model will not be considered reserved until your character sheet is posted and accepted. Avatars shall not exceed a size of 600h x 900w.

10. Please be considerate of light sensitive players when making your selection of colors for avatars and font colors within the room. Please avoid white and other stark and/or bright colors such as bright reds or bright blues etc. for making your posts. These colors can be very difficult for some players to read. If you need help with coding, please ask a moderator or another room member. Many of us would be more than happy to assist you.

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